Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 31, 2012 - Summary of the Alaska Trip

I went 13,861 miles, and Don went 14,317.  His was higher because he went from Visalia to Fresno to pick up my replacement motorcycle parts, rode down the mountain after my wreck, doubled back a few times elsewhere, and lives 145 miles from me.

Don spent $1,626.19 on gas at 400.77 gals. He had 111 fill-ups. Avg MPG was 38.56, with a low of 29.5 MPG, and a high of 45.6 MPG

I spent $1767.09 on gas at 422.62 gals, although Don filled up my tank about five times because of me pulling the camper and using more gas. I had 110 fill-ups. Avg MPG was 33.02, with a low of 26.04 MPG, and a high of 44.8.

We were gone 45 days, from the morning of June 13th, to the evening of July 27th, and went through twenty states (including Ohio), two Canadian provinces and one Canadian territory.

We had temperatures that ranged from 30 degrees in Yellowstone, to 108 degrees in Needles, CA.

We estimate that about ninety-percent of the motorcycles on the Alaskan Highway were dual-sport design.   After travelling the highway, we know why.

The drivers in British Columbia were the most courteous.

Even though the exchange rate between Canada and the US is even, the cost of goods and services in Canada is 30-100 percent higher.A twelve-pack of beer was $26.  A pound of ground chuck was $7.89.  Gas averaged about $1.45/lt.  That equates to about $5.50/gal.

Except for the Alaska Highway, we were probably no further than 50 miles from a Casino at any time.  They are everywhere and crowded at all times.

We took over 1,000 photos using my phone, Don's phone, and Don's camera.  Only a small portion are posted on the blog.

We can't imagine how people traveled the Alaska highway 30, 40, even 50 years ago.

Everyone we met along the way were wonderful people.

All vehicles on the Alaska Highway and surrounding areas, are absolutely filthy.  Many of them had taillights and headlights totally covered with mud, dust, and the likes of farm fields, muddy roads, and unpaved areas.  I asked several locals about it and the general response was, Why wash it?  It will only get dirty again.

Would we do it again - you bet, but not on big touring motorcycles.