Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 14, 2012 - Waldport, OR - KOA Campground

We left the motel in Centrailia with overcast skies, but no rain.  Our plans were open as all we wanted to do was make to Oregon coast and ride US Rt 101 south.  We ended jumping on I-5 and heading south. 

The GPS was taking us through some uncharted roads and we ignored it and followed the map. 

The sun was shining as we got off the interstate and headed towards the coast.  I found a motel where I sent report no. 3 to JoAnn.  We shed our outer layers and continued on south on US Rt 101. 

The weather became overcast and foggy.  Hey…this is the Oregon coast and that is to be expected. 
Along The Oregon Coast - South of Waldport, OR

Me At An Oregon Coast Overlook

Don At An Oregon Coast Overlook

We stopped at a WalMart to get some supplies and regroup.  A lady in the parking lot told us all the campgrounds were full fifty miles to the north and the south.  We panicked.  I ended up looking on the internet and calling the KOA.  We got the second last spot and they have laundry facilities.  This was great as we could stop early, do the laundry and then eat. 

But first, we had to determine where the clanking sound was coming from on the camper.  It has been doing it for maybe 6,000 miles and we thought it was the left wheel.  We pulled the left wheel twice and found nothing.  Most people said it was coming from the left side.  We pulled the right wheel and brake drum.  AH HA…the brake magnet had broken free and was rolling around the drum.  After 6,000+ miles of that, it didn’t really look bad.  At least we solved the mystery and now have a quiet camper. 

We set up, and gathered our clothes.  We took turns watching the machines.  We got it all done by 6:00 or so, and said “Hey…lets eat out.  There are seafood restaurants galore and none are special. 

We headed out, found one, and had a very nice meal.  We built the mandatory campfire and by that time the fog rolled in, bringing with it the mist, dew, dampness and overall undesirable conditions. 

We went into the camper and played some cards until we both were sleepy.  We knocked out at 9:30 or so.

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