Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 29, 2012 - Denali NP, AK - Grizzly Campground

We made reservations to take a shuttle tour into the park.  There is only one road into the park and private vehicles are prohibited after the 15th mile, of the 88-mile road.  It sounded like an interesting adventure.  Animals, mountains, scenery, and the like abound, and someone else does the driving.

Typical View On the Road Into Denali NP
Road is Approx 1,000 Feet Above River Bed

Viewing the Scenery and Reading Roadside Signs

Somewhere Out There is Mt McKinley
It is Only Visible twenty-percent of the time

One of Two Caribou That Ran In Front of the Bus

It was a 6-1/2 hour tour, and I must say I was underwhelmed.  Most of the road is bordered by trees and it totally blocks any views one would have.  The other areas are open tundra, stretching for several miles.  We did manage to see some dall sheep several times, although the distance at which they were, made them a mere white dot on the mountainside.  About a half-hour from the end, two caribou darted out from the right, not fifty feet from the front of the bus.  It woke up everyone that was napping.  They trotted onto the road and proceeded to walk along.  We have some good pictures and enjoyed seeing them close up. 

Me Trying Out my Eye Blinders Don Bought For Me
We jumped on the bikes, headed to a grocery store for some vittles and ice.  The store is out of ice and since there is only one ice delivery to the area, everyone else is out too.  We headed back to the campground, and Don thought he would check the office for ice.  They had two bags and he bought one.  He also bought me a present that would solve a problem I have been whining about since we arrived in the north country – a eye shield, or blinders, whatever you call them.  The constant daylight is making it difficult to sleep.  For instance, last night I got up at 1:30 AM to go to the bathroom.  It was as light as any mid-day time in Ohio.  I could have read a newspaper. 

The clouds moved on and there was actually full sun.  The warmth felt so good.  I also think I may wear ear plugs tonight.  The Fairbanks to Anchorage road is not far from our campground, and the vehicles never stop.  To make it worse, there is a section of road that causes the tires to sing for about 5 seconds on each vehicle.  We will head out tomorrow for Anchorage, and see what we can.  We would like to go to the Kenai Peninsula, and check that out.

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