Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 13, 2012 Columbia, MO - Finger Lakes SP

We departed about 6:10 AM, gassed up and headed out.  Towing the camper is a chore and the bike behaves entirely different.  We decided to keep the speed to a max of 65 to get used to towing both the camper and Don’s Bushtec, fully loaded.  Additionally, the Wing gets much better mileage when you keep it under 65.  We hit a little traffic in Indy but nothing significant.  We are targeting a fuel refill at 150-160 miles, since both trailers are sucking the gas. 
Both Bikes Packed Up, Trailers Hooked Up, and In the Garage - waiting...

We pushed it to St Louis and got off for gas about 15 miles before crossing the Mississippi River, in Troy, Illinois.  Construction was all around including everywhere on the exit.  A few hundred yards before turning into a gas station, the left wheel of the camper locked up.  I left about 150 feet of skid mark and was just beyond an intersection with traffic coming from all directions.  We were able to get the camper jacked up, and I used a screwdriver to back out the shoe adjustment so I could get the drum off to inspect the assembly.  I was able to provide a temp fix and as I was doing so, another Wing rider came up and offered his shop to us, which was about 2 miles away.  We went there, removed the wheel, drum and bearings again to inspect the whole thing.  We wired the parts together and made the assumption the parts interfered with each other.  We pulled out with only a one hour delay.  Extraordinary, considering what could have happened, such as me going down.

We continued on our way planning to go beyond our goal of Columbia, since we made such good time, despite the hour delay for the camper wheel.  There was heavy construction from there westbound.  We stopped for gas just across the Mississippi River.  Don pulled out first and I noticed his brake lights were not working on either the bike or his trailer.  About 50 miles down the road, we stopped in a rest area to decide whether to stop in Columbia for the night or go on.  I told him his brake lights were out and naturally, we were both bummed. 

We decided to stop at Columbia.  While Don was trouble shooting the brake lights, I went into town for some vittles.  After I got back, the two of us deduced a failed relay.  Fortunately he had a spare and replaced it.  All is well and we are now consuming mass quantities of a brewed adult beverage.  It will be an early departure tomorrow.

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