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July 15, 2012 - Klamath Falls, OR - Collier Memorial SP

We woke up to a heavy mist and almost rain.  I woke up at 4:45, go up and walked to the beach, where I had heard the waves all night.  I took me about ½ hour to get to the beach.  It was so foggy, when I walked over the dunes all I could see was beach.  I couldn’t even see the waves.  I continued on, determined to get into the Pacific Ocean.  It must have been 500 yards to the water, and the waves were crashing.  I rolled up my pants and waded in with my flip-flops.  DAMN…my toes went into a freeze mode.  The water must have been 50 degrees.  No wonder nobody was swimming. 

I walked back, started the stove for coffee and tea.  By that time the mist was falling at a near rain pace. 

We ate, packed up, suited up and headed out into the fog and rain.  It was about 45 miles to the turn we needed to take eastbound and towards Crater Lake NP. 

Don At The Entrance to Crater Lake
Me At The Entrance To Crater Lake
The road and weather weren’t very friendly.  We could hardly see in many areas and our speed was slow enough that the rain only hung on our windshields.  We stopped along a few overlooks and took pictures of the fog and what we could see of the ocean.  I kept telling Don the forecast inland was “abundant sunshine” and 82 degrees.  Once we passed east of Eugene, the clouds broke and immediately there was blue sky. 

One Of The Many Snow Sticks In Place
On The Road Around Crater Lake

We shed a few clothes and continued towards Crater Lake.  I was looking forward to seeing Crater Lake, since my first trip out west 42 years ago.  I had always by-passed it, and said, “Next time”. 

Our First View Of Crater Lake - SPECTACULAR!!!
The Blue Color is Accurate.  It Really is That Color

The Island In The Middle, Which is The Tip of the Extinct Volcano 

At A Crater Lake Lake Overlook

Overall View of Crater Lake From Overlook
We ascended the road towards Crater Lake.  As we went up, there was more snow.  Much of it was below us.  We pulled into the first overlook of Crater Lake.  It was spectacular.  Don was hesitant to take the 150-mile or so route to see it.  I am happy to say he was impressed as was I. 

Crater Lake is a collapsed volcano that has been filed with snow-melt, with an island in the middle.  We stopped at several overlooks and took pictures.  He was still in awe and I was glad of that.  We hit the visitors center and he got his passport stamp. 

We decided to stop early as it had been not a high-mileage day, but tough none-the-less. 

Campsite At Collier Memorial SP - Fort Klamath, OR
No Chipmunks In This Picture
We found Collier Memorial SP that was well off the road, have showers, and not crowded.  We made camp, put all our damp and wet articles out to dry in the SUN!  The campground is in the middle of a national forest.  Consequently, small critters are all around.  The place is over-run with chipmunks.  They are everywhere and their burrows make for precarious walking sometimes.  When Don and I sat at the table for a relaxing game of cards, beer, and some peanuts, they couldn't get on the table fast enough.  I had the lid of the peanuts filled and the little darlings went up to the lid and tried to steal some.  I was swatting at them.  Fast little things they are.  I finally got a small piece of wood and used that as my chipmunk swatter.  I never connected with any, but the message was passed around and in five minutes or so, they stopped hopping onto the table.

We will figure out tomorrow which way to head from here.

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