Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 15, 2012 - Murdo, SD - American RV Park

It rained all night with lots of thunder and lightning.  Rain is predicted in the region for the next three days.  We got to the dealer and we discussed the previous days issues with the tech.  He seems much more capable than the previous tech and didn’t seem puzzled off the bat. 

I went back to the motel to update my journal.  I walked back about an hour later and it is found and fixed.  It was a bad ground to the brake lights.
Camp In Murdo, SD
We ate breakfast and are on our way, most likely in the rain.  We planned to spend the night in Murdo, SD.  We could see black clouds ahead of us.  We made it to a campground in Murdo, ate, drank, and played some cards to relax.  It started to rain and the wind picked up.  We headed for the camper, continued cards and the skies opened up.  All night it was heavy rain, and winds. 
Enjoying the evening refreshments

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