Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 25, 2012 Haines Junction YT - Campground

Our early departure didn’t happen.  The clouds rolled in and blocked the sun.  Thinking it was earlier than real time, we slept. 

There was a light rain on the camper and we both thought”Shit…”  We packed up in on-and-off rain.  We both actually got the best sleep in days.  The sun was blocked, no noisy campers, and overall silence assisted our slumber. 

We took off about 7 AM and hit the road.  It had stopped raining, so we took a chance on no rain pants, which paid off later.  Guess what – more sky, road and trees.  This is getting old.  We hit another portion of road that was being “micro-surfaced”.  It amounts to throwing tar down, a layer of gravel, then driving over it with some road equipment, then letting the traffic do the rest.  We had maybe 8 miles of road like that, and at 25 MPH, it was a chore to keep upright. 

There is a bridge in Teslin that is about 1/2 mile long and open grating.  We were warned of it in the MilePost book.  We had no idea it wuld be as bad as it was.  Open grating is bad enough, but this was misaligned, and in poor shape.

We stopped in Whitehorse to stock up on some supplies.

Teslin and the Grated Bridge Nightmare

View of Grated Bridge Crossing Teslin Bay

Rest Stop along the Road
Later in the day, we had an escort over the same sort of road, but only for ½ mile or so.  We saw no other animals other than another small herd of horses.  We found the campground a Haines Junction.  We set up, cooked dinner, built a nice fire to keep the mosquitoes away.  It did warm up a little and tomorrow calls for a high of 16 C or so.

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