Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 17, 2012 - Yellowstone NP, WY - Bridge Bay CG

Weather is good as we head out from Gilette.  We’ll target Cody as our next stop, then into Yellowstone.  The elevation is a steady ascent and I can tell it on the gas gauge.  We stopped for breakfast up the road.  We took the southerly route to Cody.  The pass there as you cross the Big Horn mountains is 9650 feet.  This will be a test for the bikes, being fully loaded.  As we proceed, we are not surprised that very few of the vehicles can maintain the 65 MPH speed limit.  In fact most everyone is only going 55.  We had gassed up with what we thought was a good cushion to get to Cody.  Once we passed the sign that said “Cody – 49 Miles”, I knew I was in trouble.  I told Don if I made it on that tank, it would be a miracle.  WE pulled into Cody, filled up, taking 5.8 of a 6.2 gallon tank.  Whew – that was too close.
Campsite at Bridge Bay in Yellowstone NP

Ice Shelf Above the Yellowstone River at Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone

View of Lower Falls From Overlook

One of Five Entrances to Yellowstone

Exiting from the North Entrance Into Gardiner, MT
Since it was only 2:30 – far too early to stop for the night, we decided to go into Yellowstone tonight.  I was able to get a reserved site for the night.  The winds are picking up as we leave Cody, and by the time we get to Yellowstone, they were horrible.  The waves on Lake Yellowstone were breaking on the shore and sending water over the road.  We checked into the campground and set up.  The wind is so bad, it blew several half-full beer cans off the picnic table.  The ranger said they were gusting to 40 MPH and were supposed to continue through tomorrow.  We hit the sack early and hoped for a calm tomorrow.  They have bear lockers here.  That means we have to put all our food, toiletries, gum, and anything else with a scent into the bear lockers.  We have dealt with bear lockers before, and they are not our favorite item or activity.

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