Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 8, 2012 - Kelowna, BC - Bear Creek Provincial Park Campground

We departed Prince George in cool temps of maybe 45 degrees.  Don didn’t put his outer pants on and I did.  We both had our jackets and liners.  By 10 AM he took off his jacket liner.  The temps were quickly climbing.  We had only one objective – get as far as we could today.  We did almost 400 miles, which is good considering most of it is two lane, through towns, and some construction delays. 

The geography changed dramatically in about 5 miles or so from Williams Lake.  We went from forested cool, slopes to desert vegetation, and very hot temps.  The temps rose from maybe 65 degrees to maybe the low 90’s.  We were dying from the heat.  We were told it doesn’t get any better in the direction we are going. 

We were going to stay in Vernon, but Kelowna was only another 35 miles, and it was about 5 PM.  We were told that most of the campgrounds in Kelowna had closed and the one provincial park would be crowded.  The last 100 miles or so are a boat lovers paradise.  There are many lakes and each one is absolutely gorgeous.  The one closest to the provincial park is maybe 30 miles long, 10 miles wide and is lined with resorts, marinas, and associated businesses.   We arrived at Bear Creek Provincial Park and they were booked.  We are not allowed to call ahead, and the girl casually mentioned that she put the previous couple in the parking lot.  We ended up in the parking lot too, adjacent to the campground.  It is actually better than some of the campgrounds we stayed in Alaska. 

View of  Lake Okanagan (Pronounced Oak-an-noggin)

Parking Lot Camping in Bear Creek PP, BC
Sunset At Lake Okanagan (Pronounced Oak-an-noggin)

Tomorrow we hope to get back into the lower 48.  Both bikes and trailers are doing fine with no difficulties.  We still haven't figured out the source of the clanking on the camper.  It hasn't gotten worse, and doesn't affect anything.

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