Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 2, 2012 - Anchorage AK - Motel

We arrived at a Motel 6 for the night.  We found quite a few restaurants within a few blocks.  We opted for Golden Corral, since we were like drooling zombies at the thought of unlimited food and salad.  After we returned to the motel, we did a full inspection of both bikes since we had level, dry pavement.  Don’s front tire was pretty well shot.  He was willing to go on, but I said no way.  We discussed several plans and in the morning would decide. 

We called a member of GWRRA listed in the Gold Book.  He said to “Come on Down” and he would help.  We arrived at his house, removed the tire and he took Don to a tire changing business.  We also found out that Don’t left fork seal is blown and leaking fluid onto the left hand front brakes.  We will let it leak out, clean the brake pads and deal with it when we get home.  It will not influence any behavior of the motorcycle.  Within two hours we were on our way again, refreshed and ready. 

More Mountains Along the Road to Glenallen, AK
Since our delay with the tire, we could only go to Glennallen.  Tok was our original objective.  We were told that Tok from Anchorage is 9-1/2 hours.  WAY too far to make it when we left his house at 1:00 PM.  On the way to Glennallen, we saw some more spectacular mountains.  We stopped for some pictures of a range with several 16,000+ ft mountains, with blue sky around them.  Not two minutes later, the clouds rolled in, obscured the mountains, and brought the rain. 

About 100 miles from Anchorage, I noticed my front brakes were not responding as they should.  After two photo stops, I noticed that either my right front brake caliper is leaking or my right fork seal is blown.  Double damn… 

We have a plan as usual.  Whitehorse has a Honda dealer and we will call him in the morning.  It may mean a few days of delay, since they most likely won’t have a rebuild kit in their shop. 

We found a nice campground in Glennallen, and will relax eat, and sleep good after the busy day.
Campground in Glenallen, AK
Drying Some Things in The SUN!!!

It is odd though, that both Don and I had difficulty sleeping in the motel last night.  It was too soft, too quiet, and too dark.  We are both looking forward to making it back to the lower 48.  We are hoping that the heat wave covering the country will dissipate by the time we get there.  We are guessing (without the brake caliper problem) that we have five days before we get to Seattle.  After ordering a caliper rebuild kit, we determined that my right fork seal is blown. When we get to Whitehorse, I will negotiate with the Honda dealer on options.

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