Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 6, 2012 - Meziaden, BC - Provincial Park Campground

The campground in Watson lake was abuzz with activity, starting around 3:00 AM.  Apparently many people haven’t adjusted (if that is possible) to the near constant daylight.  To make matters worse, the sky is cloud-free, and the sun is shining brightly.  An older couple across from us, were in a fold-down and he woke up at 3:00AM and told his wife to get up and prepare to leave.  She hollered at him and from then on, they held a rather loud conversation until the time Don and I left at 7:00 AM.  Damn geezers…what are you going to do?  This campground packs them in tight.  We were so close to the fold-down next to us, you could hear the two guys snoring as plain as day. 

We suited up, as it was about 45 degrees when we left.  I had my sunglasses on for the first time in maybe two weeks.  We were told that the weather is predicted to improve through Tuesday as far as Seattle. 

View of Lake at Meziadin PP
View of Lake at Meziadin PP
Campsite at Meziadin Provincial Park
View of Area Around Campground In Meziadin
We planned to just ride today and that is what we did to get to Meziadin.  We were limited by the roads and traffic.  Once we reached Iskut, the roads improved tremendously.  We now had lines, and velvet-like pavement compared to the Alaskan Highway and the previous stretch of Route 37 south.  This highway is no differtent than many of the others we have been on.  It is more desolate than even the Alaskan Highway.  Many areas have 60 miles or more between any side road, structure, or break in the road.  It is really endless road, sky and trees, only broken by the many lakes and rivers running through the area, with views of snow-covered mountains. 

We saw four black bears along the road coming south.  They ran off into the woods as we passed.  Other than that, no other wildlife.  OH…I forgot.  I obliged a suicidal bird today.  He hit my front wheel, and feathers came up my vents, and around the fairing. 

The mosquitoes and flies at the campground have returned.  We have had an absence of them over the last few days.  We will relax tonight and take off for Prince George tomorrow.  It will be another day of ride…ride…ride.

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