Wednesday, August 1, 2012

june 23, 2012 - Ft. Nelson BC - 3G Campground

We left with the usual good weather we have come to expect.  We stopped at the visitors center in Dawson Creek and picked up some pamphlets.  To our surprise, the world famous sign marking the start of the Alaskan Highway had been stripped of all the additional signs travelers had attached to it.  The girl in the visitors certer said it had become too much.  So now all we have is the formal sign marking Mile “0”. 
Mile "0" of The Alaska Highway - Dawson Creek, BC
Another Sign for The Famous Alaska Highway

The road out of town was stained for miles in both directions with the remnants of animal strikes.  It gave us an uneasy feeling seeing that.  We did see two dead moose later, but that was it.  The ride was mundane, with the endless trees, road, and sky.

A portion of the Beginning of the Alaska Highway Outside Dawson Creek, BC 
A Small Herd Of Stone Goats Along The Road
It Appears They Were Eating Gravel.  Nothing Else Was On The Ground

A Few of the Buffalo Along The Road

One of Several Bears We Spotted On the Alaska Highway

Welcome To The Yukon Territory

We did have a bit of an awakening.  We were zooming along, and without warning, there loose gravel patches all over.  It didn’t even look like gravel, but we slowed down quickly to about 40.  The next 5 miles or so were touch and go on the gravel.  I told Don afterward, the tires of his trailer through the gravel looked like it was actually going through water, with the wake they were leaving. 

We were told about the “world famous” cinnamon buns around Liard Jucntion.  We stopped to gas up and treat ourselves to one of the cinnamon buns that were the “size of a dinner plate”.  We opted for one and were disappointed to see a CinnaBon knock off that was about the size of a can of Sterno for $5.00.  We also paid the highest price for gas anywhere at this stop - $1.75/lt.  That equates to $6.62/gal, if I did my math correctly.  Hey...when there is little gas around, you get it when you can.  Thank goodness we only took about 10 liters.

We stopped for the night at Ft Nelson, and we also stocked up on some groceries..  I asked several people if this weather is typical and the answer is “Yes.”  The days are mid to high 70’s and the nights are high 50’s, with clear skies.

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