Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 26, 2012 - Tok, AK - Campground

We awoke in Haines Junction to rain.  Just a light drizzle, but bothersome none-the-less.  We packed up, suited up and headed out.  The temps have dropped to 50 or so.  We are hoping to make it to Tok Alaska tonight.  The roads are not cooperating.  The stretch from Burwash Landing to the border was the worst we have seen.

Here it is...We made it to Alaska!

We stopped for a picture at the “Welcome To Alaska” sign and met some riders from Pennsylvania.  They had been on the road for 10 days and had 9 days of rain.  We chatted for a few minutes and leap-frogged for the next 50 miles or so, where they pulled off.  We saw no animals at all today, which was a bit of a surprise to us. 

Once we hit the US border the roads improved significantly.  We were beginning to wonder what it is like to travel over good roads.  We made excellent time to Tok and found a campground.  As I was entering, I overheard some people standing there talking about the cost.  I had to ask them how much.  One couple had already registered and the other was going elsewhere.  It was 37.50/night.  Somewhat steep, but I registered and paid 29.00.  It is not worth the hassle of looking elsewhere, and this campground is quiet, clean and off the road. 
Campground in Tok, AK

We should have an easy day tomorrow to Fairbanks.  We may motel it, as we need to do laundry, regroup and check out the camper tires and my motorcycle.  I had a few gauges go out in the dash.  Not a big deal, as the cruise and everything else still works.  The gas gauge is the only important item not working.  I suspect a wiring harness has become disconnected due to the extreme roads we have been going over.  I am shocked that parts have not been falling off the bikes and other parts getting loose or disconnected.  We may not even look at my bike, but the camper tires and wheels need to be checked.  It is just a preventative measure when traveling.  One should always give the vehicle and trailers a once over every day and look for anything unusual. 

The mosquitoes here are the size of a sparrow, and won’t leave us alone.  Spraying with Deet is our only salvation.  We still have no phone service, only texting, which was unavailable for the last few days. 

We talked to a couple from Switzerland, who shipped their motorhome to Buenos Aires, then drove to Patagonia, then proceeded to go north through all the South American countries to the Panama Canal. Much to his chagrin, there is no bridge across the Panama Canal.  He had to make arrangements to have it shipped ACROSS the canal, then proceeded up to Mexico and into the US.  Their trip is 10 months and will end in Halifax Nova Scotia, with shipping the motorhome back to Switzerland from there.  WOW!!!

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