Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 18, 2012 - Big Arm, Mt - Big Arm SP

The winds stopped about 11 the previous evening.  We awoke to sunny calm skies.  We are packing up and we continue up to Montana.  We traveled around the eastern side of the park, exiting at Mammoth Hot Springs.  We stopped a few places to take pictures. 

We were fortunate enough to see a lot of animals.  We saw bear, antelope, mule deer, buffalo, beaver, coyote, and wolf.  Quite a variety considering we were only driving along.  Don forgot to get his National Parks Passport stamp.  We remembered it about 150 miles out of Yellowstone. 

We jumped on I-90 and continued towards Glacier NP.  Since the planned stops are all out of sync from our planned stops, we have to frequently check for campgrounds along the way.  We were going to stop east of Missoula, but it was too early, so we pressed on.  We stayed at Big Arm SP on Flathead Lake, about 100 miles from Glacier.  We had some light rain for two hours or so, but it looked bad all around us.
Big Arm SP - Enjoying a Beer

Flathead Lake, MT - Big Arm SP

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