Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 28, 2012 - Denali NP, AK - Grizzly Campground

It rained all night at Fairbanks.  It stopped by the time we awoke.  We took our time packing up, as we had plans to go to the University of Alaska Museum, which was recommended as a “must see”.  We toured the museum for about 2-1/2 hours and found it to be very enjoyable and informative.  We suited up and headed for Denali NP.
Stuffed Bear in Museum Of the North.
Don really liked the expression on the bears face.  See Next Picture 
The Bear Doesn't Look Too Happy
Some Stats On The Trans Alaska Pipeline

Don Outside The Museum
Wooly Mammoth Bones On Display
My electrical problems persist and appears to be a relay in the main box.  We had lunch at a roadside café.  It was interesting because the kitchen was in the serving area. The cook/waitress/bartender did it all.  No gloves, no health considerations, all of the food came out of a refrigerator next to the grill and here is your food.
We arrived at Denali and couldn’t get into the NP campground – SURPRISE!  We checked out a couple of other campgrounds and choose one 6 miles south of the park.  While Don went to the park to check on a few things, I did some trouble shooting on my motorcycle.  I replaced the suspected relay and all is well.  We made reservations for a shuttle tour of the park tomorrow.  After looking at our choices, the road, the park, the crowds, we felt it was the best option.  We are looking forward to it as someone else will be driving. 

We noticed the hours for sunset is 12:15 AM and sunrise is 3:15 AM  I slipped out the camper the other night to use the restroom at 2:30 AM and was able to read everything around and even the thermometer we had on the table.  The light never really goes away and gets dark.  We are looking forward to seeing a real DARK night once we get back to the lower 48.

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