Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 25, 2012 - Clarksville, AR - Motel

We headed out early and quickly from Elk City, OK.  The temps were already in the mid-80’s at 7:00AM.  We had planned to stop at the memorial at OKC which was about 125 miles away.

We found it despite there being absolutely no signs guiding us there.  It is still inspirational, despite the fact the reflecting pool was shut down for some repairs.  I was also surprised to find that the National Park Service has relinquished the control to Oklahoma.  It is now a private enterprise, so Don doesn’t get a stamp from here.  Unfortunately the reflecting pool was down for some repairs.

View Of OKC Memorial
This Wall Is At One End Of Reflecting Pool

Stylized Chairs Representing Each Victim
With Names Etched On Glass Base
Large Chairs For Adults, Small Chairs For Children
Columns Of Chairs Represent The Floor Victims Were On
Rows Of Chairs Arranged Alphabetically

Corner Of Original Building Left Standing
View Of Reflecting Pool (Currently Under Repair)

Personal Items On One of Many Fence Sections At OKC Memorial

We headed out for Ft Smith AR.  The heat was already unbearable.  We decided to stop at Clarksville, AR, for the night. 

They had a pool and we enjoyed it for several hours.  Our plans are to head out by 6:00 AM tomorrow and get an early start, beat the heat and stop early.  One has to plan for the weather as we had done in Alaska.  At this point, I can see us only swooping up the interstate to home.  It may be two more days and I believe we are both anxious to call this trip complete. 

I will load all the reports to the blog, add the pictures, and update accordingly.

The last report will summarize the trip and add some opinions of the adventures.

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