Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 5, 2012 Watson Lake YT - Downtown Campground

We awoke in Whitehorse to clear, blue skies, and temps in the low 40’s.  We delayed leaving for no particular reason.  We didn’t having a long ride to Watson Lake, and the chilly temperatures made us linger longer.  We finally headed out at 9 AM and were fully suited up.  There is nothing but trees, sky and road to Watson Lake.  We made excellent time, as most of the Alaskan Highway from here south is better than north of Whitehorse.  There is a bridge at Teslin that we were not looking forward to.  It is almost ½ mile of open grating that is crooked at best.  We stopped at the gas station/restaurant adjacent to the bridge, and gassed up and ate lunch before heading off to the bridge.  We crossed with no incident, but many riders we have talked to had similar feelings about this particular bridge.  It is the longest of several open grating bridges.  The others are maybe no longer than 50 yards or so. See Pictures from June 25.

Same Downtown Campground in Watson Lake We Stayed Northbound

View of Don's Filthy Bike

View of My Filthy Bike
Cooking Dinner at Watson Lake, YT
We gassed up at Junction 37 and discussed where to stay.  Nothing is south, and Watson Lake is 15 miles the wrong direction from here.  We opted for Watson Lake, and laundry, relaxing and regouping for tomorrow.  South of here is iffy as far as camping.  It is either three short days, or two longer days.  Prince George is our next major city and it is about 700 miles from Watson Lake.  We will do it in two days +/-.  The gas and camping will determine how far and where we stop.  It appears once we reach Prince George, civilization is everywhere.  We may not have to worry about gas and camping from there on. 

Don and I enjoyed the warmth and sunshine at the close of the day.  We played cards at the picnic table, with our shirts off and basking in the 75+ degree sunshine.  This is the same campground we stayed on our way up.  The guy has it locked up, as he is the only game in town.

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