Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 3, 2012 - White River YT - Campground

I rained all last night and became very chilly.  We looked at the thermometer and it was 44 degrees.  The rain ceased long enough for us to pack up and head out.  It didn’t take long for the rain to return.  It looked like the rain would last all day.  We stopped for something to eat in Tok.  I called ahead to the Whitehorse Honda dealer and ordered a caliper rebuild kit.  It won’t be in for two days, which is how long it will take us to reach Whitehorse.  It rained on and off all day, and once we crossed back into Canada, the road immediately became worse.  It was the usual broken pavement, loose gravel, mud/dirt from filling holes, and generally bad road.  We can’t wait to exit the Alaskan Highway and get to some sort of civilized roads.  We have talked to many people who came up here decades ago via the Alaskan Highway.  One guy said they broke three axles and replaced eleven tires, on two vehicles.  That was in 1970, and he considers the highway vastly improved over what it was.  However, he never drives it anymore.  He flies out of Anchorage, and either ships his motorcycle to Seattle, or rents a car at his destination. 

Campground In White River, YT
We passed up a campground and gas station in Beaver Creek, for one 35 miles down the road - a small regret on our part.  The campground we choose has no gas.  We either have to go back 35 miles to Beaver Creek, or chance it going ahead 65 miles.  We are going ahead 65 miles.  I may make it 45 miles on what I have, but we have 4 gallons of spare gas.

Bundled Up And Snoozing - With My Blinders

Bundled Up, Not Snoozing, and Giggling
The rain is supposed to stop and clear tomorrow.  Yeah right!  As I type this from inside the camper, it is raining, and fairly heavy.  The lady at the campground told me right off the weather will improve, even before I said a word.  We have also been told by a number of locals, that this is unusually wet and cold.  One guy said in 40 years here, he has not seen it as wet or cold as it has been.

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