Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 20, 2012 - Visalia, CA - Comfort Inn and Suites

My neck muscles were a little stiff.  Other than that, no injuries.  Thank goodness for helmet, jacket and boots – all of which took a hit in the fall.  I discovered a small abrasion on my left knee, and a small gouge out of my right shoulder.  I remember the trailer fender hitting my shoulder during the accident. 

We arrived at the Honda dealer, who was ready for us.  They found a headlight housing in Fresno in no time.  It was the one part that broke that needed immediate replacement.  Oddly enough, the bulbs still worked. 

They said in an hour they would have it accessed.  We went back to the hotel.  Don took off to Fresno to pick up the headlight housing.  In the meantime, Honda called me and told me one of the forks were bent slightly.

More phone calls and the same warehouse had some forks.  I am letting Honda determine replacement suitability and timing.  If they can be used, Don will come back with all replacement parts. 

I talked to the insurance company this morning.  I explained the whole thing, including having Honda begin work on the bike.  She didn’t like that much, saying that they need to authorize the work first.  I then explained the distance we were from home, the time needed to make the bike roadworthy and everything else.  She understood a little better and said she would do the best she could to get a local adjuster to the shop this morning. 

Talked to the adjuster.  He cut a check to Honda.  I paid the deductible.  I ended up with both fork tubes replaced and am taking the old ones with me.  I can either rebuild them or sell as is to recoup some money.  Don ended up having his blown fork seal replaced, because we suspect the lack of fork action may have had an influence on the accident, as does Honda.  I will finalize the damage with the insurance upon return to home.  There isn’t much more other than the trunk, front fender and muffler guard that need attention. 

We have the bikes in the parking garage with trailer/camper hooked up ready to roll in the morning. 

We have no idea which way or where we will be going.  The heat wave is still gripping the country, and we can’t escape it.  At this point, I believe we take the most scenic, direct route home.  There is still much to see, but the majority of the return routes we have been on a number of times, and nothing really is attracting us now.  We also have to remember the Colorado fires are still an issue.  We have to check on that, if we head to Colorado.

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