Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 18, 2012 - Kings Canyon NP - Sunset CG

Well…we didn’t get very much sleep last night.  The crowds of tents were all twenty-something, rude ignorant, inconsiderate individuals.  I finally went over to some of them at 12:20 AM and told them it was time to be quiet.  After 5 minutes or so, they all went to bed.  However, others arose at 5:00 AM and began behaving like it was noon as they were packing their gear. 

At least the weather was cooperating.  It was sunny, and warm; almost too warm.  We headed  back into Yosemite, got gas and looked around.  The morning sun is not good for viewing El Capitan or Half Dome.  The afternoon sun is best, particularly from the tunnel view overlook.  Don got his stamp and we headed out. 

We had checked our tires, and decided as soon as we had phone service, we would contact someone to replace them.  We found a Honda dealer recommended by someone in the GWRRA Gold Book.  We called and got there about 12:45.  They broke for lunch at 1:00.  We made all the arrangements and got lunch ourselves at a Chinese buffet.  We gorged and loved it. 
An Area Of Don's Rear Tire Worn Through To The Cord
Do You Think It Was Ready To Be Replaced?

Don’s trailer tires needed replacement too.  We contacted BushTech and were unable to make any arrangements or suggestions from them.  We were SOL.  The guys at the Honda shop suggested dual-sport tires.  They had some that fit and they will work - and they were half the price of the BushTec tires..  We left around 5:30 and headed up the mountains to Kings Canyon. 

We were concerned we wouldn’t find a campground tonight.  What luck…several are open and not full.  We set up, got some adult beverages and settled in.  We are skipping supper, as we are still stuffed from the Chinese buffet. 

It should be a cool, quiet night.  The campground is only adults and serious campers, which we like, and it is not crowded.

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