Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 4, 2012 - Whitehorse YT - Campground

We awoke to rain (imagine that) and temps of 42 degrees in White River.  The campground at White River, was a base camp for geologists taking core samples in the wilderness.  There was a helicopter leaving every 20 minutes or so delivering samples and people into the woods.  There might have been twenty tent camps scattered around the campground.  We delayed leaving, hoping the skies would clear, which they did.  I finally connected to the internet at the campground office and checked the weather ahead.  It looks like warmer temps and drier weather will prevail over the next few days – YEAH!  We suited up and headed out.  It was cold for the first 150 miles or so, and then the sun popped out and clouds went away, for the most part.  It may have warmed to 50 degrees, but the sun made it seem warmer.  We made it to Whitehorse, and I stopped at the Honda dealer where I ordered the caliper rebuild kit.  I don’t need it as the problem is a blown fork seal.  I will arrange to have the parts shipped home when I get home.  They will hold them for me, since I ordered them and paid for them.  The parts person tried to cancel the order, but it had already been shipped. 

Helicopter Taking Off With Another Load - White River, YT

We found a good campground in Whitehorse.  We had checked out another one, recommend by the Honda dealer, but it was a tent, walk-in only.  We found another one that is much better than we expected.  Not far off the road, and fairly quiet. 

We introduced ourselves to a couple of riders from Maine on a Gold Wing.  We swapped stories for 20 minutes or so.  They are northbound and we told them about our route and experiences.  They appreciated that and may hang out here in Whitehorse for another day until it dries out a little more. 

We did see a lone bear along the road into Whithorse. 

We took a shower tonight after three days and it was wonderful.  No coins, no rain, and sun galore.  The temps are hovering around 55, with a slight breeze, but it is glorious compared to the last couple of days. 

We will head into Watson Lake and head south on the Cassier Highway.  We have been told that it is a fabulous road and well paved.

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